What to expect

You will remain fully clothed except for your shoes, hats etc., you will be lay face up on a padded therapy table in my treatment room or in a quite space in your home (for anyone with reduced mobility Reiki can be performed in a chair). I will start with my hands at your shoulders and will also work on other areas of your body; my hand movements will not be intrusive. You may experience tingling sensations, pressure, intense heat, and coolness, a sense of floating, colours, heaviness and emotions. You may even fall asleep as Reiki tends to make people deeply relaxed, don’t worry I will wake you gently. You may feel tired after the treatment or full of energy and revitalised, Reiki will give you what you need.

Treatment Room



Location YORK, YO26 Phone 07721637804 Hours Monday to Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm Evening and Weekend appointments may be available. Call to make an appointment.
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