My Story

I have always had a strong interest in Holistic and Complimentary Therapies and have tried many different therapies around the world.  In 2005 I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being in the 2004 Tsunami on the Island of Sri Lanka. I found that Reiki was beneficial at the time alongside conventional medicine as it helped me deal with some of the anxiety, emotions and symptoms associated with the disorder.

In 2016 we were living in Denmark and my daughter was struggling with processing the world due to her being highly sensitive, this affected her sleep immensely. I then happened to meet another Mum who was a Reiki Master and it made me start to think about how Reiki could benefit my daughter. The Reiki Mum informed me that she would be running a Reiki Level one course, I promptly signed up and completed the course. I then started to give Reiki to my close friends and family, I gave it to my daughter and have been doing so ever since. Within the first few months we noticed that she was sleeping better and only waking 2 times a night (before it was 7 times!). My daughter still has her difficulties as Reiki is not a cure, but I believe that Reiki helps her process life better and helps her express her feelings, resulting in her being less frustrated, agitated and angry. Since I completed my Reiki practitioner  level two course (2018) I have applied some new techniques to my practice and a few people have commented about how she has become more confident and outspoken, she is also sleeping through most nights.

I also use Reiki on myself every day. Since my teens I had suffered with terrible Insomnia, anxiety and bouts of depression. Since using Reiki I have found that it helps me relax and sleep better, I am more grounded and I view life with a more positive outlook. It’s also started to help me with the symptoms related to the menopause!

We recently had an extension built at home, which did not go to plan and we had a dispute with the builders. I felt this created a lot of negative energy within the home and the new space so I used Reiki to cleanse the space and create a positive flow. It really made a difference to how we started to feel about the new space, and people always comment how welcoming our home feels.

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Location YORK, YO26 Phone 07721637804 Hours Monday to Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm Evening and Weekend appointments may be available. Call to make an appointment.
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